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10 Ideas To Surprise Your Customers And Put Them In Your Pocket

10 ideas to surprise your customers and put them in your pocket

10 Ideas To Surprise Your Customers And Put Them In Your Pocket
10 Ideas To Surprise Your Customers And Put Them In Your Pocket

A few days ago I was remembering with some friends how my first contact with the Internet had been.

They are those kinds of things that make children hallucinate.

When you were little there was no internet? And how did you send Whatsapps to your friends? They tell you with wide eyes.

In my case, I remember perfectly that I was in 3rd or 4th career (that is, about 21).

I had to do a Power Point presentation and I needed images and graphics.

A friend told me that we could search it online.

And my first impression was ... super disappointing!

At least, it was not what he had imagined.

And that is exactly what you should avoid with your clients.

If you want to conquer them, and that your first purchase is not the last, try your best to exceed their expectations.

Surely you have experiences in one way and in another.

Big disappointments and unexpected surprises.

If you are starting and do not have many financial resources right now, let me tell you that it is not necessary to make large financial investments to get good customer service and exceed expectations.

"Unfortunately, it is not very common for us to be cared for or pampered and what you should pursue is that excellence in attention.

We started with some ideas for online stores and continued with local businesses.

 How to surprise your customers in your online store (and buy again).

Every time we buy more online, that is a reality.

We are overcoming the initial fears of:

Will I receive the item I bought?
Will I be able to return it or change it if I do not like it?
Will it be safe to pay online?

But once you click on the "buy" button, what would be desirable?

Here are some examples:

1. Super-mega-detailed information.

Send a confirmation email with the purchase you have made.

In this way, your client has the peace of mind of having successfully completed the process.

2. It facilitates follow-up options.

Inform about the shipping process so your client knows when it was sent, if the package is in distribution or the estimated delivery date.

Most transport companies offer the option to "track your shipment", so you can send the tracking code so that the customer does not "lose sight" of their package.

 3. Anticipation.

Let your client know immediately if there is any incident with the item or with the delivery: good communication is essential.

Save any possible objection before it arises.

 4. Loyalty.

It offers a discount for a future purchase.

Why do not you include a promotional voucher in the package? It is an excellent way to encourage a new order.

5. Personalization.

Includes a personalized detail in the shipment: a sample of a product, a handwritten thank-you note, some business cards for your business ...

In addition, surprise your client with the presentation of the shipment: the packaging and wrapping of the items is another of the tools you have to exceed your expectations.

Careful appearance and good design will be a positive point for your business.

Because you already know that it is not easy to get a client to choose you.

There are many factors that influence your purchase decision: attention received, product quality, price, recommendations and references, payment facilities, etc.

"In online stores, the speed of loading your website, the amount of shipping costs or the need to fill out an endless registration form can "cool" the sale.

So put it very easy.

And put yourself in the shoes of your client when you review the purchasing processes of your online store.

If it's slow, embarrassing or complicated for you, it's more than likely that the same thing happens to your client.

And he / she will not have as much patience or be as benevolent as you.

5 ways to conquer your customers in your local business.

Do you have a physical store? Your personal charm and the warmth in the deal are tricks that play in your favor and with which we do not count in online stores.

When we talk about a local business , its location, the access facilities and / or parking, can also influence.


1. It offers the "delivery" modality.

If your client can not go to your store to pick up what you have bought, take it yourself.

Remember that comfort comes at a price and there are customers willing to pay for it.

2. Take advantage of the "see-smell-touch" advantage and invite them to do so.

Have you heard about showrooming ? It is an increasingly widespread practice.

The client takes a tour of different stores to see and touch an article.

Once you have decided that you are interested, you buy it online at a better price.

If you have a local business you will have to offer a differential value so that the client will buy it from you and will not go looking for the nearest wifi connection :(

 3. Distinguish yourself for having excellent customer service.

Smile, be kind, helpful and attentive, pay attention to what he says, offer solutions, use the magic words (good morning / evening, please, thank you).

Does not it seem very reasonable and logical?

Now stop to think about the last purchases you have made and analyze if these basic aspects have been fulfilled.

Probably not.

4. Facilitate returns.

It is one of the "weaknesses" of many online businesses, either because the customer has to pay shipping costs, because the deadlines are very short or very restrictive conditions.

I recommend that you make it easy in your local business.

Nobody likes returns but remember that it is a factor that can be decisive between getting a sale or not.

 5. X factor (that "something else").

Do not be a mere vending machine.

So said sounds a bit harsh but the truth is that the customer is looking for that "something else".

Mentally review how you've been surprised by a local business you know.

In this store of gourmet products now they organize tastings or cooking courses, in the organic food they offer talks about healthy habits, in the craft shop there are workshops to learn how to use their materials, in the photography shop they invite you to a tour of the city so that you start using your new camera following the advice of an expert, etc.

Now tell me, what detail have they had with you that has stolen your heart?

What is the store where you buy again and again for how well they treat you?

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