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10 Things Every Medical Representative Must Keep In His Bag

10 Things Medical representatives must keep in bag before meeting with doctor. You will need this, if you are going for a tour.

10 Things Every Medical Representative Must Keep In His Bag
10 Things Every Medical Representative Must Keep In His Bag
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What are those 10 things that should be in your bag if you are going for a tour or about to meet your doctor. This is the things that you should always have if you really want to impress your doctor and want to get prescription from your doctor for your medicines. Because a doctor always keeps few things in his mind and you also do a lot of hard work to impress them. Sow why to leave a single chance and why miss an opportunity to impress your doctor.

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Medicine folder

Many companies give a medicine folder of their medicines. So first thing that you have to keep in your bag is file folder or medicine folder. So whenever a doctor wants to see medicines of your company than you can show him.

Small diary and pen

You must have small diary and pen in your bag or in your shirt pocket. And you must notice few things like time to meet doctor and what he said to you. I mean which date he has given you to meet you again. This will be important and beneficial for you when you will feel daily cal report (DCR).

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Yes it may seem awkward to you but you must a keep small mirror with you whenever you are going for a tour or about to meet doctor for a meeting. Because medical representative have to travel a lot by bikes. And there face becomes coated with dust so you need to look fresh. That is why I am telling you to keep a mirror with you. At least you can see your face and makeup your hair and other things.

Paper napkin or tissue

Along with mirror you must have a paper napkin or tissues as well with you. So whenever you meet with doctor you look fresh and handsome. Wet napkin removes dust from your face and makes you fresh after a long travelling.

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Samples of medicines

Every medical representative must keep few samples of medicines before meeting with doctor. Because every doctor demands few samples of your medicines and if he likes your medicines performance that he will surely prescribe it. So keep few samples of your medicines in your bag.

Competitive analysis report

You must study who is your competitor and then make a report on how to beat him. Of that you must figure out few things and not them on paper. Suppose you are marketing about crocin tablet and one of the other medical representatives is also marketing for those types of product. Than first compare your product with his and find out some weakness about his product and not that down in your diary and next time when you meet your doctor study that comparison. Because if you are meeting to that doctor who is already prescribing same types of product which he is taking with other medical representative than doctor will ask you what makes your product different from that.. Than you can tell him. This is called competitive analysis that you made before meeting with a doctor.

3 Tools that really impress doctor

A Tie

 Yes you need to look like a medical representative for that you must have a tie. If you cannot use it all time than at least keep it in bag and use it when you are meeting with a doctor. Because you represent a company not yourself.

A Mouth freshner

I know many medical representatives do smoking. But remember when you meet a doctor you must smell bad. Such odors will give wrong impression to doctor. So if you really want to smoke than keep mouth freshner with you and use it before meeting a doctor.

So these are all the basic things that every medical representative should keep in his nag for a good impression over the doctor and make him prescribe your medicine. Impress your doctor and increases your salary. That’s it.


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