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  1. It is a tough job working as a medical representative, Because I faced it, thanks to IT Boom could flourish in different career. Worked in the days of no Cellphone/Internet Days, i can not imagine torture/stress in current days EASY communication. it is a nice Blog, hope the fraternity is making good use of it

    1. Thanks Naresh ji for your valuable feedback here. Of-course the time when you worked was tough, resources were limited but the experience you gained working in that time is priceless. I respect that. Keep visiting Sir.

  2. how to training medrap as we are company

  3. “Deliver a finished commercial product within a year without incremental investment” through The Innovative Joint Collaboration Program (iJoCo) in GERI, Korea.

    Please contact me by email. We will gladly help you find the right contacts.
    Thank you.

    Ben Song, Ph.D.
    Executive Program Director of iJoCo


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