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18 Medical Representative Responsibilities For A Successful Career

Medical representative responsibilities that a company expects from a MR. Do this and get success in your career.

18 Medical Representative Responsibilities For A Successful Career
18 Medical Representative Responsibilities For A Successful Career

What are the responsibilities of a medical representative?A medical representative is the representative of the company. So it is very big responsibility for a medical representative. He sells anything from medicines to medical equipments and drugs. He has to perform many duties seriously on regular basis. So here is little basic responsibility that a medical representative has to do in month and on regular basis.

This is the most basic responsibilities that I know work practically. You will find connection in this. Because I have worked as a medical representative and I know how sometimes it becomes tough. So here are few basic things that if you do will give you benefit and you will achieve success in your career.

So know these basic medical job responsibilities that are essential to work in India.

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  1. Complete the target given to you in limited time.
  2. Get the detailed information about your area and doctors.
  3. Making good and healthy connection with doctors.
  4. Know everything about your competitor's product.
  5. Daily submit the DCR (daily call report)
  6. Fill the truth information in DCR.
  7. Try to get prescription from top 5 doctors of your area.
  8. Try to cross your target.
  9. Making appointments with doctors and medical shops.
  10. Fix meeting with medical hospital teams.
  11. Giving presentations to doctors about your company.
  12. Keep detail about doctors.
  13. Planning and executing your weekly and monthly schedule.
  14. Develop strategies to increases your sales and making more connections with doctors.
  15. Keep detailed information about your product. (Compare your product with your competitor's and find out why your product is better than others.)
  16. Fluent English.
  17. Decent dress up.
  18. Attending company meetings, training schedule and seminars.


  1. Once you become proficient in medical sales many medical reps become an Independent Sales Representative where they can demand higher earnings for their expertise

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  3. The professionals that are salivating ... as he says ... I don't think np's desire such patients as much as they are perhaps better equipped to care for these patients! I get excited when I get consults on patients that the doctors are asking me to manage because they simply have exhausted their tool box ... This is difficult to control symptoms ... and difficult families and psychosocial issues ... as well as undecided families as far as their goals of care. So ... I suppose I salivate at the chance to say -- hey this recommendation is what you need!
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  4. that's a good summary of necessary qualities, thanks


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