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A Medical Representative Faces These 6 Types Of Doctors

These are the 6 types of doctors that a medical representative face in his medrep career.

A Medical Representative Faces These 6 Types Of Doctors
A Medical Representative Faces These 6 Types Of Doctors

Today we are going to discuss the types of doctors that I faced during my job and my visits... These are the types of doctors that you face when you take a meeting with them and try to convince your doctor so that he can describe your product and generate sales. So these are the types of doctors that I have seen in my life and definitely you will also have been facing them.

In simple words a medical representative face this types of doctors in his career. So we are going to discuss about the types of doctors. And I would like to know from you also, because these are the six types that I have faced but I would like to know that, is there something that I have left and you want to do it. Then you can give us more information from your experience by commenting on this post.

1. Techipacky doctor

These are the techsavvy doctors. These types of doctors say that they know everything and even if they do not know they will search it on the Internet. Suppose you are giving a prescription about paracetamol and giving those details like how much percentage of alcohol is present in this tablet and so...on. Then these doctors will search over your product on the Internet and even they can give you more information about that product when next time you visit them. So I call them taki taki doctors. So I would suggest keep working on convincing these types of doctors by sending them mails and send more technical details about your products.

2. Old is gold

The second type of doctor is the old age doctors. This type of doctors is experienced one and they are practicing from last 30 + 40 years. So whenever you reach to those doctors then such doctors do not take you seriously because they still believe on the old medicines and they rely on their old contacts. By contact means there is a trusty medical representatives, who has completely convinced them and they are still prescribing their medicines. So in order to convince such doctors, first thing that you need is to describe your product effectively whenever you meet with your doctors. Another thing is you can impress them by giving gifts and all that you can read this post. So I mention them is "old is gold". The degree of resistance of a doctor is high because they are fully depending on the old methods and medicines. So pay attention to such doctors but if you could be able to convince them then definitely you will get an increase in your overall sales of medicines.

3. Franky

The third type of doctor is franky. They usually get convinced by you and they are also tech savvy. Such doctors normally are between 30-40 age. So it is very easy to convince such doctors. Always remember the fastest way to convince any doctors is by giving them gifts according to their personality. As we know they are very friendly so definitely you can impress them by giving few things like parker pen, text books, smart phone and official shirts. So grab the benefit of such doctors for overall medical sales. Send them e-mails on special occasions like festivals and all. So these doctors can definitely complete your overall target that your manager has assigned you. So I call the doctors Frankie.

4. Wannabe

Such types of doctors are very helpful towards medical representatives. I have seen it many times somewhere I feel that this type of doctors have faced struggle in their early age and somewhere I also feel that they are helping us in order to achieve their inner-satisfaction that gives them or you can say, they want to save you from struggling and they are very helpful to medical representatives. They will always help you. They will commit you that he will definitely prescribe medicines and will try their best. Along with they help to every single medical representative who approaches to them. So don't think like that that he will prescribe only your products apart from that he will prescribe each and every medical representative's product whoever approaches to them. So I call them wannabe doctor.

5. Egopack

These are the doctors who were very successful and still they are very famous in your city. You call them super doctors and for sure you want to get prescription from these doctors. But what happens when you go to them and the truth is they teach you few more things and send you away. These types of doctors are full of ego because they got success and they know how to cure. So it is tough to get prescription from such doctors. I have faced such types of doctors and I know how to tackle them. So we call them egopack.

6. Victor

It means now there are not any type of doctor that is left. This is from experience. If you think there are others also than you can share with us. Just work hard for every doctor and prepare for it and practice a lot before approaching to them and make sure them that you are not here to sale medicine but to help their patients.

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