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Medical Representative Or Software Engineer? Who's Better?

A Battle of medical representative job versus software engineer jobs. A comparison that shows who is better.

Medical Representative Or Software Engineer? Who's Better?
Medical Representative Or Software Engineer? Who's Better?


Since long time ago we are seeing from our college that students of bachelor of pharmacy always fights with students of bachelor of engineering specially with computer science students.If we studying in same college. This fight does not complete till the end of degree but it goes on up to the profession and today we are finally comparing both of them and show you which is finally a winner in terms of good profession from all perspectives.

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Study expenses

You get a medreps job when you complete your bachelor of pharmacy (Not always) and you get a software engineer job when you complete bachelor of engineering. Total expense of bachelor of pharmacy degree comes about 2 lakhs and total expense of bachelor of engineering comes around 5 lakhs in average colleges.

So when we talk about total expenses than medreps or say bachelor of pharmacy students wins and software engineer or say bachelor of engineering students fails.

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Placement or job

If you are good i study than you will surely get a good job but what about opportunities? Normally it has been seen that software engineering students gets more opportunity comparatively to bachelor of pharmacy students. The main reason behind this is, Software Company can be started from a room but medicine manufacturing companies cannot be started from a room. That is why the number of software companies is more in numbers than medicine manufacturer companies. And that is the main reason medical representative gets less opportunities of jobs comparatively to software engineering students.

Medical representative responsibilities

What does medical representative do and software engineers do?

If we look at the type of work that both do then from health point of view the job of medical representative is much better comparatively to software engineers. The first thing that makes medical representative better than software engineers is medical representative has to travel city to city or town to town to impress and to convince the doctor and take prescription from his doctors. So a medical representative has to travel a lot. But if you look at the work area of software engineers. Then they just have to sit in an office in air conditioners. The main reason behind air conditioner is extreme use of computers and to make them cool. But from health the point of you if you sit on a chair for a longer period of time then you may have backbone problems but if you are riding a bike and walking around then it is much better than sitting around. Because walking around and riding bikes stimulate your endocrine system and you remain healthy. So from work area’s point of view medical representative job is much better than software engineer jobs. But people who have some type of physical problems then for such people software engineering or software development job are much better.

Degree of work?

Now if we look around to the medical representative job then we can clearly see that medical representative job is very simple compared to software developer job. Because what a medical representative does? The toughest task can be selling medical devices apart from that what a medical representative do is just to convince the doctor in 4 to 5 minutes and take prescriptions. But what does a software engineer do? A software engineer has to work on new projects all the time. And he always has to find and create new codes say if he is working on java, c or c + + or any other software development language. But it increases the creativity as well. But we are not talking about your development of mind but we are talking about which job is easy. So if we talk about which job is easy than medical representative job is much simpler than a software engineer job?


Medical representative job is simple compared to software engineer job. The main reason behind this is a medical representative travels town to towns and villages to villages. In that period of time when he is not meeting with any doctors he can do his breakfast and even smoke. So he has the choice like how he has to do. But software engineers sits in office in front of the computer and write down the language codes. It is not possible in case of software engineer jobs. Because he cannot randomly eat or smoke. But in multinational companies it has been seen that they have even created smoking Jones. Even apart from that medical representative live in a nature environment but software engineer is tied up in office and has to work there.

Salary and packages.

Before 2015 a software engineer was paid much better than a medical representative. The main reason was at the point of time recession was not active. But now days you can clearly see software companies are paying very less even if pressure is no more. A fresher after completing his bachelor of degree get only 12000 rupees per month because he is a fresher in the industry. But from the governments custom taxes and policies nowadays medicine manufacturing companies are at pick point. So they are paying very well to medical representatives. Medicine manufacturing company pays 15 to 18,000 rupees per month to a fresher. If he has some experience then you can also get a much better job. Here is a list of top 10 medical representative job companies. So comparison clearly shows that before 2015 software engineering jobs were getting highest salary and now after 2015 medical representative are getting highest salary comparative to software developers.

From this comparison it is very obvious that the life of medical representative is much simpler than software engineer jobs. But there is one thing which is in the favor of software engineers. And that is an experienced software engineer still gets enormous amount of money comparatively to medical representative. Such a level of money only an area manager of company who holds all controls 12 medical representative at district level gets. In terms of money software engineer wins and in terms of flexibility of life and growth medical representatives wins.


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