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The best strategy to stimulate voice to voice and achieve customer loyalty is to be memorable, to do positive and unexpected things. Surprise, delight and fall in love

It's the little things that make the difference. Your customer is much more likely to remember that call you made to find out about your child's health status or to congratulate him on the press release in which he is mentioned, the last discount or the improvement in business terms.

Finally, it is about people and even in the most rational markets, personal opinion and appreciation play a fundamental role. The power of the details lies in its scarcity. These simple things are what your competition forgets and it is where you differ.

1. Send handwritten notes - In a world where the main means of communication is email, receiving a handwritten note thanking a meeting, inviting an event or simply as a token of appreciation, is something that simply stands out.

2. Create an exclusive newsletter for customers - Electronic newsletters are common to share with the broad base of subscribers, but are rarely designed with exclusive content for clients. Surprise sharing privileged information.

3. Deliver a welcome kit - Surprise delivering a printed or digital document where you thank the client for selecting the company and how happy it is to be able to show all the benefits in action. Include the contact information of the key people and instructions on what to do next.

4. Keep it informed - Difficulties and delays in compliance happen. Surprise your client by keeping him informed of progress and progress.

5. Give something unexpected - Imagine your client arriving at his office to find a book or a box of chocolates with a note that says "Happy birthday! One more year to achieve great things together. " It's funny how something as common as birthdays is so little taken advantage of.

6. Meet periodically to review results - Check regularly that your client is getting the results you expect when working with your company and take actions that adjust the course.

7. Participate in the client's social networks - Greet him on Linkedin, make a positive comment about some of the information he posted on his Facebook page or the corporate video that he uploaded to YouTube.

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8. Send press reports or articles - Be aware of the information in the media that may be of interest to your client. Cut out an article and attach a note by hand saying "I saw this information and I think it might interest you".

9. Send information regularly - Tips, recommendations or suggestions that help the client get more out of your product or service.

10. Working groups among clients - Encourage work groups and share best practices among their clients. The greatest learnings arise from sharing ideas and experiences from your own community. Sponsor one or two meetings a year.

11. Eliminate bureaucracy - Empower people who are in direct contact with clients to make decisions. Avoid the long sequence of permits and authorizations, establishing parameters and ranges of movement.

12. Communicate first offers and promotions - Do not let your customers know about the advertising or another company that you launched a promotion or an offer that could interest you. Furthermore, create a specific communication informing current customers of their news before the rest of the market.

13. Surprise him by knowing his hobbies - Give him a shirt from his favorite team with the name printed on the back and send it on his birthday or just a day with a note saying "Congratulations on going to the quarterfinals!"

14. Watch for the anniversary of your company - Every company has a year of foundation. Surprise your client by congratulating him on the respective month for his fifth anniversary.

15. Keep your promises - No matter how hard it is, always keep your promises. A good practice is to promise less and deliver more. The client will be surprised to exceed his commitment.

16. Be closer - Know three things about your client: your birthday, your favorite hobby or pastime and your family composition. Every time you visit, pay special attention to what decorates your office, you will learn a lot from your client. If you have it as a contact in Linkedin, discover where you studied or in which companies you have worked, you can find common aspects.

17. Schedule Google Alerts - Schedule the name of the customer's company in the Google Alerts and be the first to congratulate him for his mention in the media. Also include competitors so that you are aware of the movements and things that interest your client.

18. Extend benefits of your strategic allies - If you have other allied companies, offer additional benefits such as courtesy services or interesting information just for being your client.

19. Give them a unique phone number - While this is not for all customers, think about assigning a direct and unique number to your two or three most important customers. Not only will it make them feel important but it will improve communication. Imagine that instead of answering "Empresas Acme, what can I help you with?" They replied "Mr. García, good afternoon, how can I help you?"

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20. Respond immediately - Every time you receive an email from your client, answer them by acknowledging receipt and informing them that they will respond as soon as possible. Curiously answer, and in time, is something that surprises.

21. Promise less and deliver more - The best way to surprise your customers is by exceeding your expectations, always. Do not over promise, be realistic when it tells you what to expect and when to expect it. Then go further and exceed the promise.

22. Give them free publicity - Promote your client on your website, presenting it as a success story. Furthermore, send information about your client and the article you wrote to the media or other relevant publications in the industry.

23. Reward loyalty - Reward your clients' loyalty before it's too late. Do not wait until you find out about other means that gave better conditions to another company or that was not included in the benefits "only for new clients".

24. Anticipate your future needs - Your clients have a clear idea of ​​where their business is going. Talk to them and learn about their goals and see how you can help them grow, ideas and connect with people you know that could help you get there (of course in some cases this will include your company).

25. Be there when you need it most - Hard times are an opportunity to show appreciation and support, beyond a simple business relationship. Dispatching after hours when no one else does it or responding immediately and without asking for an explanation for a guarantee can make a difference. Anyone provides good service when things are going well, true allies know each other in difficulties.

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