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The Responsibilities Of A Medical Representative

The responsibilities of a medical representative

Medical representatives are vital to the pharmaceutical industry and the health care profession. They promote the products of their companies to general practitioners and other health care providers. The promotion of products occurs in face-to-face meetings and in medical conventions. The representatives work in territories or areas. Sometimes more than one medical representative works for the same territory. Since May 2008, the average annual salary of the representatives was USD 70,200.

Meetings with clients

Medical representatives schedule an appointment, then meet with surgeons, doctors and other professionals in their offices or hospital. They explain the product and its characteristics. The representatives also answer any questions that the professional may ask. The role of the medical representative is to make the client interested in the product and to arrange a purchase

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Assistance to fairs and conventions

Representatives also promote pharmaceutical products at fairs and conventions. They meet with other medical representatives to discuss the developments of the products. At fairs, they learn about new products that they can sell to health care professionals. The firm's sales performance, sales goals and profits can also be discussed. Sometimes professionals attend these conventions to learn about pharmaceutical products. The medical representative explains and demonstrates these products to the doctors who attend these events.

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Administrative responsibilities

Medical representatives do more than sell. Analyze sales statistics and prepare sales reports. They also present reports and expense accounts, schedule appointments, talk to customers by phone and arrange travel plans. Other responsibilities include reading about new and existing pharmaceutical products and controlling the sales, prices and products of the competition.

I work with a technical expert

Those who are new to the field or not familiar with the product, can work with a technical expert. Experts attend sales presentations by medical representatives to explain the product and answer questions. In this situation, the representative's role is to contact the customer, introduce the product and close the sale. As the representative grows in his career, he may not need the help of a technical expert; You can feel comfortable enough when explaining the company's products for yourself.

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