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The Main Characteristics Of A Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

The main characteristics of a pharmaceutical sales representative

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are in the business of selling medicines and medical supplies to medical professionals such as doctors and pharmacists, as well as to other clients such as patient advocacy groups. The position of sales representative for pharmaceutical products is often considered a coveted position due to the respect and high incomes that come along with the job, although it can be difficult. The pharmaceutical industry is always growing and needs sales representatives who possess characteristics such as: being professional, speaking correctly and being intelligent and ambitious.

Medical knowledge

A good part of the job of a pharmaceutical sales representative is to sell doctors the benefits of the most recent drugs in the market. This requires the representative to have the intelligence and ability to retain and fully understand the relevant medical knowledge, so that he can communicate the medical benefits of prescription medications. Sellers with a scientific background, such as medicine or chemistry, will do much better in their jobs by being armed with this knowledge; although most representatives have at least a four-year university degree in any field. In any case, the pharmaceutical companies usually teach their representatives,

Sales skills

Obviously the ability to sell is the main characteristic of a sales representative of pharmaceutical products, especially since the work is based on commissions. They must be absolutely convincing that their company is the best and they must be smart enough to be able to communicate complex medical information to highly qualified medical experts. This sales skill involves communication skills, such as persuasiveness and clarity when responding, as well as building relationships with potential clients. Increase product visibility and sales volume are always present objectives for them, so sales capacity is an essential characteristic.

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The representatives of pharmaceutical sales have as characteristic- self-confidence, because they always have to present themselves and the pharmaceutical products they are promoting in a positive way. Perseverance in the follow-up of clients, including doctors and businessmen, requires self-confidence and having the ability to handle possible objections or rejections. A strong ambition also goes hand in hand with the level of trust of a pharmaceutical sales representative. They must have the confidence to sell themselves and their pharmaceutical products wherever they go, taking advantage of any opportunity, even those outside the typical work or sales environment.

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Traveling is a very important part in the life of medical visitors, so they must have the characteristic of physical resistance to support being constantly on the move and standing. They also need emotional strength to manage the time they spend away from their loved ones and friends. This career can be very hard in the representative's family life, since the need to sell often translates into personal time, which causes a high turnover in the industry. Strength is also necessary to withstand the pressure of having to make a living on commissions.


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