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How To Surprise Your Customers By Improving Their Purchase Expectations

How to surprise your customers by improving their purchase expectations

How To Surprise Your Customers By Improving Their Purchase Expectations
How To Surprise Your Customers By Improving Their Purchase Expectations

Like most internet users, you probably have made some purchase online (or many). Do you remember the reception of any of your online purchases in particular? When was the last time you were so impressed that you shared it with your family and friends? Today we talk about precisely this, how to impress your customers when they deliver their purchase online.

It is true that the competition is high, that perhaps you do not have as many resources as a Mango or a Zara on duty, or you simply do not have time for details. But a detail can make a difference and convert a satisfied customer into an "ambassador" of your brand for free.

Thus, being a retailer and exceeding customer expectations will ultimately generate more sales. What, we take it?

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Consumers evaluate the quality of products and services using as a reference the comparison between what was expected and what was received. Therefore, managing these perceptions is a determining factor in strengthening our position in the market.

Sell ​​a product or perform a service, we can consider customer service as a constant more or less important in most businesses. In this field a part of the expectation and of the perception of what has been received is molded, but it is important that when the client arrives at our business, he has already received the most appropriate promotional impacts.

The first impression

First we must take into account the advertising or promotional messages, these should be adjusted to the reality of our products or services. The image that we present to the client can not be distorted. If, on the contrary, we raise the expectation about reality, there will probably be a disappointment in the client and this will revert negatively on your future sales. On the other hand, if we can not create enough expectation, it is possible that online sales will not occur.

The price

The price is one of the factors that most value consumers today, so it should be given the relative weight that we believe it has in our industry and provide the necessary information to the potential buyer. That is, if our positioning is based on high prices, it may be necessary to provide information on financing or special promotions, in addition to informing the customer very well about the quality of the product and showing it in the form of good images with details, product applications, tutorial videos, etc.

Learn here to create beautiful product photos with few resources and how to create videos for the products of your online store .

What does the consumer expect?

Do not expect anything that you can not offer. In addition, he is accustomed to having low expectations in other online purchases made.

- Client-brand communication is important during and after online purchase. Show yourself friendly, expert and close.

The consumer also expects exactly what he has bought. It seems silly, but how many times does reality surpass the computer screen in a negative way ...
The speed of the delivery of the order is also a factor to be taken into account. In most cases you can not control it because you depend on third parties, but at least deliver the package on the date you told the customer.
The return policy is one more part of this process, we must take it into account and also comply with it without creating difficulties for the client.

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So, how can we exceed the client's expectation constantly?
Start by being attentive, talk to your customers by offering them a help chat while they are looking for what to buy in your online store (or physical store, also applicable). Once they have made the purchase, give it with a different packaging or some detail that they remember positively and they like it so much that they tell it to their friends or in social networks in the form of tweet, opinion on the web or on Facebook.

Here are some examples of deliveries from Mr Wonderful, Corina Nielsen and BelleVip.

Take into account the parts of the process :

  1. Pre-sale: the interactions that the user establishes with your brand before buying.
  2. Sale: the interactions that the user has while he is buying something from you.
  3. Post-sale: the interactions that the user has after having bought something.

In each part of the process, we must use a few channels or communication channels with the user / client, for example:

  1. Pre-sale: Social networks, Live chat, Promotional newsletters, Advertising and Marketing.
  2. Sale: Product photos, Product descriptions, Contact page, Payment.
  3. Post-sale: Sales confirmation, Package received, Thank you note for the purchase and return policy.

At this point, I'm sure you see the thing a bit complicated in terms of available resources, right?

Well, as we said at the beginning of the post, all this has to adapt to the size of your business and your resources, of course. If you can not do everything with everything to do a perfect thing, the one you can get more easily and be creative, in this no one wins. Your brand is special for something, that's why you created it, so you just have to prove it to your customers.

Ulabox is the leading online supermarket in Spain, has more than 12,000 references and delivery in 24 hours, and has the best delivery drivers to ensure that the purchase is perfect. And despite having grown so much in such a short time they do not stop surprising their customers. Ulabox, apart from having a very effective and fast customer service, knows how to take advantage of all sales, generating satisfied customers who give good opinions about the company.

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