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5 Costume Tips For Medical Representative

What to wear when going for a meeting with a doctor. Here are 5 costume tips for medical representative That may impress your doctor.

5 Costume Tips For Medical Representative
5 Costume Tips For Medical Representative 

First impression is last impression. You know that very well so what do you wear when you go for a meeting with doctors. As a medical representative you need to look professional so that doctor shows interest in you and your products. When you promote a product then you are a representative for a company so you also need to match that standard and to do that your attire is the first thing. Your dress-up should be completely professional because it is the first thing that a doctor will notice. Looking well and professional will help you to convince your doctors and win his heart. It will also help you to have self confidence. Your attire and costumes makes you different from others. so Look well. Below are some key benefits of Professional look.

Benefits of Professional Attire for Medical Representative.

  1. You Represent your company not only the products.
  2. It makes you different from the other Medical Representatives.
  3. It brings lots of self confidence that helps you to promote your product in better way.
  4. Doctors always takes professional persons seriously.

Professional Medical Representative Attire.

Below are recommendations from other medical representatives who are successful today.

Combination of Dark and Light color.

Always wear matching color shirts and paints. If you wear dark color shirt then wear light color paint. And if you wear light color shirt then wear dark color paint.

Wear Dark Color shirt when Going through Bikes.

In India most of the medical representative use two wheeler for touring. so if you have to travel a lot then use dark color shirt so that it would not look ugly even if there are lots of dust on it. Another benefit of dark color shirt is when you meet a doctor and talk about your product the it is only shirt that will be visible your doctor not the paints . So a neat and clean shirt will leave a good impact than the paints.

Plan tie with clip.

If you are wearing dark color shirt then use light color tie on it and fix it with clip . So that it stays where you want it to be . Do not let your tie wave here and there. If you do not get plan ties than you can use stripped tie as well. it will also look better.

Wear Suit in Winter.

In winter season you must wear suit . A person in suit always impress others so why not the doctors. Wear dark color suits in winter season. I wear suits in winter regardless of what others will think and believe me it started leaving a great impact on doctors. And they started prescribing my companies products.

Limit Your Jewelry.

Please do not put on bracelets or dangling things in hands. bracelets will never leave a good imapct on doctors remember you are a medical representative and you are promoting your companies products so match with that standard.

Black shoes.

Black is the perfect color when used in right way. So use polished black shoes .

Clean and manicured nails.

When you shake hand with doctor than he will surely notice your hand and the first thing that will come into his eyes are your nails . So keep your nails clean and manicured.


Your hairs also plays an important role in your personality. so be simple and do not use YO style when going to meet a doctor.

Leather Belt.

Always use belt. Better if it matches with your shirt and paint.


White socks always makes difference . So i prefer white socks or black socks.


Use a light perfume never use a dark perfume. May be your doctor does not like it. So if you use perfumes than use only light one's.

So these are the basic recommendations by me for a perfect and professional medical representative attire. If you use these tips for your costumes or dress up it will help you in your field .

Thanks for reading please do comment to help others.


  1. thanks i will keep in mind when going to meet doctors.

  2. Thank you mr.shubham mod this tips very help ful for my career

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  4. Very Useful tips, in Your Next Publish kindly give how we can use Technology in our fild just like... watsup, profile picture, wat we have to follow wen we wish a Dr in watsp. These all are also more beneficial for Us.

    Thank You...!!!


    1. Hi Dhana Raj,
      Thanks for such a nice feedback. My next post is all about using technology and i have started writing it. Thanks for visiting and keep visiting.

  5. Hi there.
    I'm wondering if you could help me with this.
    How to deal with pharmacy.
    There are many factors in here with pharmacy but I'm asking about the product schemes. Most of them would be expecting the extra schemes while company is giving only 10% of official schemes. So how to manage this issue if they asks.(medical shops).Hope a better answer.

    1. This is the situation where your brain should work. I can give you hint that works like charm but can not completely describe in comment. Work on the theme of "SPTM". SPLIT, POSSIBILITY,TIME,MANAGEMENT. I will describe it in detail in my next post.

  6. Thanks alot... very useful tips


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