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21 Perfect Tips To Make Relationship With Doctor As Medical Representative

How to make successful relationship with doctor. if you are a medical representative. How to convince your doctor and how to create family relationship with doctor for your success and growth. 

21 Perfect Tips To Make Relationship With Doctor As Medical Representative
21 Perfect Tips To Make Relationship With Doctor As Medical Representative

As a medical representative I know very well that the doctor will remember me and prescribe my medicine only when I will be able to create a space in his heart. so how to make that space. And how to make beautiful and successful relationship with a doctor as being a medical representative. As a medical representative you know the fact that doctor prescribes medicines of those medical representatives who are visiting them since a long time but if you are a starter in this medical sales industry and you are a fresher medical representative then how would you solve this problem? how you can convince your doctor so that he prescribes your medicines apart from that long time visiting medical representatives.

How to convince doctor

So this article is about building relationships with doctor. so that this relationship will force your doctor to prescribe your medicines. it includes all the ways like giving gift to your doctor, praising about doctor and many other things. so  start how you can impress your doctor.

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First impression is last impression 

If you are a starter in medical sales industries and if you really want to impress your doctor then be curious and careful when meeting to the doctor for first time. because first impression is the last impression. do not force doctor to prescribe your medicine in first meeting. just give a short introduction of yourself and your company in very first meeting.

Be calm and composed in gentle way and behave in a very good manner. these are the basic things that the doctor will monitor about you. just be very humble to him.

Accept whatever he says because first meeting was not about promoting your product but the first meeting was promoting yourself. introduce yourself in front of the doctor.

So whatever doctor says to you. just don't mind it but say yes to everything that doctor says to will check your persistence level in very first meeting. so be careful for it.

Costume tips for medical representative

Gather every information about a doctor 

How to build a successful relationship with doctor. you must have all details about the doctor. suppose mister Sharma is a very renowned doctor in your town and he describes many medicines and you also want your medicines to be prescribed by him.  first thing that you have to do is get there every single information about the doctor, about his family, relationship, career and specially achievements. These are very important things and whenever you meet with him, describe about his achievements and praise his achievements and connect yourself with those achievements.

So how to connect with achievements, we will discuss it later but the first thing that you have to do is build a successful and healthy relationship with doctor is gathering every single information about the doctor. find out good things about doctor. our main target is to build a relationship with doctor so now when you have all the information related to doctor. now make a summary of good things like

  1. If he got some awards
  2. If he got some prizes 
  3. If he has been winner in sports 
  4. What he did in schooling days

So you have to figure out all those things and make some 10 points about good things of the doctor and just memorize them.

Connect yourself with good things 

I explain this to you by a single example. suppose mr mishra is a very good player of cricket and he has won many prizes in his school and college days. now what you have to do is next time when you take appointment with the doctor and go to meet him then connect yourself with cricket .like if in few days a cricket match has been played  then connect yourself with that cricket match like this

"""..... sir did you see that yesterday match how well virat kohli played in that match. I like his batting style and I like the game of cricket very much and sir I also know that you have been a very good player of cricket and have won many prizes in school and in your college days........"""" 

Now as soon as you started talking about cricket and your doctor is also a good player of cricket and fan of cricket then he will certainly respond in this way.

""" .....yeah but how do you know I won prizes in cricket....""" 

Now half of the game you have won because you have entered him in cricket discussion. so it means that you have won the half game now the next thing that you have to do is telling him and praising him that's it.

Tell him that you really care about the doctor. tell him that you are so interested in him but not in a boyfriend - girlfriend way but in a different way I tell you how to do that.

""........Sir I was searching about you on the internet and I was reading that you have been a very good player so I just thought that why not to discuss it with you because I am also a big fan of cricket and I like cricket very much sir. so I am very happy to see that sir even my doctor likes cricket match very well and I am very happy to see that sir because I could get some valuable and very important information from you about cricket. you could guide me because I also want to play cricket......""" 

So this was a single example for how to divert a doctors mind and how to induldhe him in a different way which he really wants. so we discussed here that if doctor likes cricket than how you can bring him into a cricket discussion and you can also tell that you are also a fan of cricket. similarly you only have to find few good things that you doctor likes. in this way you can create discussion and happy and healthy discussion. by the end of the discussion if you really praise your doctor in such a way than he will be definitely impressed by you and would surely prescribe your medicine if you could impress him in a good way.

These are few things that are very common and every doctor like that.

You can create discussion on this topics:-

  1. perfumes
  2. watches 
  3. shirts trousers 
  4. branded companies items
  5. diagnostic tools and many other things it depends on your doctor's desires 

Sending good morning sms 

If a doctor gives you his phone number then what you have to do is always wish him in the morning you can do it by sending good morning sms to him but  remember, do not over use it it please send this good morning sms and wishes thrice in a week that is a good proportion. this will make him remember that you really wish him and he will think about you all the time. so give sending good morning sms in the morning. this have two benefits.  first he will be free. second he will be empty mind so if you could be able to insert your name in his mind then the day is going to be good for you.

Here i found special good morning sms that is perfect for doctors. .

Send gifts to your doctor on special occasions 

In India there are 365 days and 365 days of a year. so you must not leave a chance to impress your doctor if you really want to get prescription from your doctor. so what you have to do is always send some small and  big gifts to your doctor on special occasions like diwali and holy. these are the perfect days when you can send gifts. yes this is a universal fact that every person likes gift .so your doctor will also like that so just grab it and do it.

Gifts for doctors

Meeting time with doctor

Approach your doctor and remember timing is everything like if you want to meet your doctor then try to meet him either in morning or evening. because these are the two times date when he will be free so timing is very important.

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Invite your doctor 

If you are going to celebrate your birthday or there is marriage In your family. than do not forget to invite doctor. you must invite him and you must give him that welcome letter because this will impersonate him that you really care about like you him much. Our first step is to build a relationship which will be loving not a professional. And a a doctor will prescribe your medicines for a long period of time only,  when you will have a family relationship with him.

This are the golden chance if you do not celebrate your birthday till today then now it is time to celebrate your birthday. invite your doctor for a perfect dinner.

Tools that impress doctor

How smile wins Doctor's heart

The key to a successful conversation is smile. yes it is true whatever doctor tells to you, you just give him a smile and start your discussion. always keep smile on your face while you talk .do not be too serious ok. because if you really want a successful relationship then it should be done in a happy way not in a serious way. so always keep smile on your face. I’m pretty sure that doctor will prescribe your medicines because I have done this job and have got success. so just be happy guy. Because every person likes happy guy. just become composed and be very active and  happy. definitely doctor will like you.

So these are all the simple ways to make a healthy and successful relationship with your doctor as a medical representative. I will be writing more articles and tips to make your medical representative carrier a successful one.


  1. I think you're right: your first impression is extremely important. If you come across as a 'salesman' and push unwanted products, you'll never recover from it. The doctor needs to know that you understand his practice and his needs before you start proposing solutions. Thank you for breaking this delicate process down and focusing the relationship.

  2. very useful tips for a fresher medical rep.

  3. Thank you bro.. Very very useful tips

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