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5 Clever Strategy To Get Orders From Medical Shops As Medical Representative

5 clever strategies to get orders from medical shops as medical representative and tips to monitor your product and medicines sales. Today we will elaborate how to keep up to date records of your sales.

5 Clever Strategy To Get Orders From Medical Shops As Medical Representative
5 Clever Strategy To Get Orders From Medical Shops As Medical Representative

In our past posts we showed you what makes a good and successful medical representative and how to convince doctor to prescribe your medicine and today we are going to discuss how to monitor your product sales so that you can authentically submit your daily call reports (DCR). Along with some clever strategy that force medical shops to sale your medicines and convince doctor to prescribe your medicine. I am assuming that you have successfully convinced our doctor and he is prescribing your medicines now the next step is how to assure that your doctor is really prescribing or telling you lie.

So to check that our here are 5 tips through which you will be able to monitor your product sales.

Research where people go to buy medicines

Find out the nearest medical shops near to your doctor's clinic. And ask the owner in free time when there is no rush in medical shop that did you get any order of your medicines.

How to convince medical shop owners to keep your medicines

If not than convince medical shop owner to keep your product in shop and if he does not agree than first step is tell him that doctor told you that he will prescribe your medicines. And if he does not convince on this than make a deal with him like if he agrees to keep your product in medical shop than you will give him 5 % commission on overall sales or you can say you will give him 10 tablets free for keeping your tablets.

How to not empty your pocket

If you find it tough than contact your dealer and wholesaler that you have to make a deal and he has to give you free samples of your medicines. This logic is win win strategy and it works till your relationship becomes strong with doctor and medical shops.

Reason why doctor will surely prescribe your medicines

Now the next thing is go to doctor and tell doctor that you have given 10 packets of medicines on that medical shops so sir you can prescribe and medicines are available.

Cheers ! You won the game.

So this method really convinces both doctor and medical shops and overall benefit is yours. Somewhere t looks like strange but guys remember it is business. And you have to get success.

After this doctor and medical shops both will have no excuse to make but remember overall order and sales will depend on the performance of your medicines. 

Quality is king

If your medicines are not effective than after sometime you will not get order so better be cautious about it.

You can simply say that it will force doctor and medical shops to prescribe your medicines and get orders.

There are many other strategies as well like gifts for doctors and many other things.


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