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Monthly Checklist For Medreps To Check Own Performance

Monthly checklist for medreps or medical representatives to check their own performance.

 Monthly Checklist For Medreps To Check Own Performance
 Monthly Checklist For Medreps To Check Own Performance

How do you measure your success? Are you a medical representative and work hard to complete your target. But the question is what is your measurement of success? Did you do all those things that a medical representative should do. But Believe me every successful medical representative does this.

So to make sure you are working in right direction here is a complete checklist that you should use in the end of the month to make sure you did splendid job and success is yours.

Use it if you really want to be successful OR leave it if you don't want to be successful.
Choice is yours.

To Help you to check your performance here is a checklist that you must use. Check and evaluate yourself on each and every point.

Monthly Checklist For Medreps To Check Own Performance

1. Have I achieved my value-wise/product-wise sales objective for the month/phase/cycle?
(a) What is the percentage achievement?
(b) What is the growth over last month/year?
(c) Which are the products showing positive growth trend, over the corresponding period of last year?
(d) Which are the products degrowing?
2. How many calls have I made in this month/phase/fortnight?
3. What is my call average?
4. Have I covered all the markets of my territory as per the tour program?
5. Have I covered all the doctors of my visiting list?
6. Have I covered all my V.I.P. Class One/Category ‘A’ doctors as per the requisite schedule?
7. What was my personal order booking during the month/phase/cycle?
8. How was the liquidation of stocks from the stockist’s shelves?
9. Have I monitored the competitors activity?
10. Have I sent all my reports in time?

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