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Self Motivation: 20 Simple Tips To Motivate Yourself

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Self motivation tips, These 20 simple tips are for you to motivate yourself.

Self Motivation: 20 Simple Tips To Motivate Yourself
Self Motivation: 20 Simple Tips To Motivate Yourself

With the right motivation everything is possible. Also, what most people consider impossible. - Thomas Badger

Can self-motivation be learned? How do the most successful people motivate themselves?

Why does motivation sometimes slow down?

In this review, I have 20 simple tips to help you increase your self-motivation.

Anyone who really wants to be successful must learn to motivate oneself.

But before we get there, I want to share an important thought with you:

The art of self-motivation is to be able to change one's own emotions at any time.

When you change your emotions , you act automatically. Because emotions are always stronger than logical, conscious choices ...

... even if we do not always want to.

Let's get to the 20 motivation tips:

1. Self motivation through targets

Where do you want to go? what is your goal?

If I do not know where I want to go, how can I find a way there?

Imagine, you get into a taxi and do not tell the taxi driver where to go. You can imagine how confused the taxi driver will look at you.

Set goals. Write down all your goals in writing!

Here I show you how to set goals .

2. Self motivation means constantly visualizing its goals

The most brilliant invention of nature is the 1300 g white mass in our head. We must always take advantage of this power.

Writing down goals and dreams is the first step.

In order to trigger a correct demand, you have to visualize your goals every day .

You must imagine the situation as vividly as possible:

  1. What do you see?
  2. Where are they?
  3. What are you listening to?
  4. What do other people say to you?
  5. What do you say to yourself?
  6. What do you smell?
  7. What do you feel?
  8. Take everything as detailed as you can.

3. Focus on the desired result

If you want to motivate yourself, then you must not assume that you will fail.

"Oh, I will not make it anyway."

No, focus on your goal, more  specifically, the feeling they feel when you reach your goal.

It does not have to be big goals. Even small day tasks, which we constantly postpone, count to that.

You definitely know how relieved you are and are happy when you have finished your tasks.

Focus on this feeling to motivate yourself. Think about the wonderful feeling when you have the work behind you.

4. Self motivation through inspiration

Hang up pictures in your room that motivate you.

Create your personal photo album, with pictures that inspire you.

Images that show how others may have reached your goal.

Watch videos. On Youtube there are tons of videos to motivate themselves.

5. Self motivation by a morning ritual

Develop your own morning ritual. After a time it becomes a habit.

Such routines in the morning help one to do the tasks throughout the day.

The morning is the decisive phase of the day. He decides what we are doing from the rest of the day.

6. Self motivation through clear deadlines

Set a fixed date.

When do you want to reach your goal ?

Some people need this time pressure to really get into action.

I was a student, I speak from experience. :)

7. Self motivation through simple to-do lists

In the evening, write your to-do list for tomorrow. So that you can start the next morning immediately after your morning ritual.

As simple as this may sound, but these tips are extremely effective.

8. Overcome your pig dog

Every human being has this inner pig dog in itself. An inner voice that speaks to us all the time.

The inner pig dog is very creative when it comes to finding excuses.

He always finds excuses and tries to convince us to hang around on the sofa rather than to do something else.

You know this voice in your head safely. Be aware:

This voice makes us happy in the short term. By pressing ourselves before the important tasks and dealing with other unimportant things. Over the long term, the inner voice makes us unhappy.

9. Self motivation through a success storybook

You can have a success storybook to motivate yourself.

Write down all your successes every day. Everything you are proud of today. This even changes another behavior pattern:

You start to think positively ...

... a feature that distinguishes winners.

Write even the smallest successes that you might even feel as silly in the diary. This strengthens your self-confidence after a while .

Read your success storybook when they are demotivated in everyday life. They soak up positive emotions and motivate themselves.

10. Give yourself time off to come back to strength

A break can cause miracles,

You do not always have to motivate yourself to tackle a thing.

The everyday life can be stressful. Take a break when you feel drained.

11. Self motivation through a great "why"

All we do has a reason.

Why do you want to reach a specific goal?

What is the purpose and purpose behind it?

12. Self motivation by like-minded people

You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. - Jim Rohn

Let others help you. Look for like-minded people who want to achieve something similar to you.

Get involved with these people. Create win-win situations.

In general, you are surrounded by people who are positive and motivated. It will be transferred to you.

13. Self motivation by thinking less

Just get rid of it.

For tasks where you do not feel much urge, but still need to be done, do not think too much, just get started.

"Do I feel like that? Can I do this? "... Such thought flows only lead to excuses .

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Errors belong to this.

You should even make mistakes, otherwise you will not live outside your comfort zone.

14. Self motivation by the right moment

Know your power times .

When are they productive? When do you feel great action?

You must know your biorythm and adapt to your body. This makes it easier for you to get into action.

Complete the most important tasks of the day during your power periods.

15. Self motivation through focus on the here and now

Many people could change your life suddenly if you were living in the here and now.

It makes no sense to hang on to the past or to say constantly "Yes, in the future I will start with sport."

It should be called:

Now I start with sports.
Now I start to eat healthy.
Now I start to learn.
Now I start to look after my tasks.
Now I clean the apartment.
Always live at the moment. Whoever wants to be happy can not do so if he thinks of the future or of past days.

This is only now, at this moment.

16. Self-motivation through constant personal development

Invest every day 60 minutes for further development.

During this time, you will be dealing with things that will help you get closer to your goals, develop your personality and help you leave the comfort zone.

Read books. Listen to audiobooks. Watch inspiring videos. Meditate.

This will motivate them extremely.

17. Self motivation through activities that are fun

Have fun with life. Have fun with washing up. Try to see a meaning or something they could learn from it.

This sounds stupid, but it helps to do things that we postpone for a long time.

18. Self motivation through self-management

To this the good old Mark Twain has already said:

"Do not postpone tomorrow, which will have time until tomorrow." - Mark Twain

19. Self motivation through reward

Reward yourself if you have done something.

This is very important. This is the only way to change your habits in the long term .

20. Questions and answers

If you have to motivate yourself for months, you should delegate it to someone or ask yourself:

Does it carry me on? Do I need it at all? ...

And then maybe do something different.

See which tips work best for you. My 28 life codes can also help you to self motivation.

Again: your emotions are decisive. Wake up strong emotions to motivate yourself. This is the true art of self-motivation. These 20 tips will help you to change your emotions.


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