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9 *SECRET* To Make Good Impression On Doctor As Medreps

9 Secrets to make good impression on doctor as medical representative. I used this techniques and became successful in convincing the doctor.

Make Good Impression On Doctor As Medreps
Make Good Impression On Doctor As Medreps

Any medical representative holds the day of 12-15 meetings and the success of many of them depends on you.

Non-verbal communication at the level of reflexes and impressions still outweigh common phrases and leaflets.

So, work not only on your product, Even much on your own personality!

Most of the research says that non-verbal communication accounts for up to 80% of the information transmitted between people.

Suppose you are going on a visit to the doctor and want to make a good impression.

Remember that a person's opinion about you, 90% is formed in the first four minutes of the game.

From 60% to 80% of that impression is based on nonverbal signals.

Here are nine Golden rules of how to immediately make a good impression on doctor as medical representative:

- At reception/front door

Be sure to remove outer clothing and leave it in the closet.

Don't come into the office loaded with bags and other clothing.

You will look clumsy and awkward. At reception don't sit down.

- Entrance

When you are allowed to enter, enter right away without delay.

Don't stand in the doorway like a naughty schoolboy waiting for the school Director's office.

Entering the room, do not change the speed.

Insecure people are moving at different speeds, and a little shuffling feet.

- The approach to the "owner" of the Cabinet

Even if the doctor is talking on the phone, rummaging through a drawer or tying shoelaces, come to his table calmly and confidently.

Hold down your portfolio or folder.

Please welcome Dr. and immediately sit down.

Show someone that you used to visit these offices and are not going to wait.

Those who are slow, just make it clear that you have time, not interested in their work and that they have nothing to do.

Such manners suit the millionaires in retirement, but not for those who want to impress as being active, capable, full of energy person.

If you want to attract attention and to make a good impression, walk strongly, with an average speed and do not pull.

- The handshake (if appropriate)

Your palm should be straight. Shake hands with the same power as the source.

Let the interviewee decide when to terminate the handshake.

Coming, back off a little to the left, to the handshake when the source could not translate your hand in the palm up position.

Never shake hands across the table. Repeat twice the name of the person within the first 15 seconds of meeting them. Never talk more than 30 seconds.

- Landing

If you were asked to sit in a low chair opposite the doctor,turn around 45 degrees, so as not to be in the position of the offending subordinate.

If the chair fails to deploy, turn around all your body.

- Accommodation

If you were asked to sit in an informal area of study - for example, a coffee table, this is a good sign because 95% of people fail when they show too much professionalism.

Never sit on a low sofa, where you can drown.

You don't want the interviewee only saw two giant knee, towering over the tiny head.

If there's no other way, sit on the edge to be able to monitor the signals of body language and gestures.

Expand your body around 45 degrees in the direction of the doctor.

- Gestures

Be Calm, collected, and confident and control your emotions and make clear, simple, powerful and purposeful movements.

- Distance

Respect the personal space of the doctor. In the first minutes of the meeting, this space can be quite significant.

If you get too close, the other person will lean back in the chair, lean back or begin to perform repetitive gestures, for example, drumming fingers on the table.

Usually with familiar people you can come more close, for strangers it is better to stay away. Working with women, men approach them quite close.

Women prefer to stay away from men with whom they work.

People of the same age are approaching each other closer than to the older or the younger.

- Care

Calmly and confidently collect your belongings.

If possible, shake hands with the doctor,turn around and leave.

If, when you entered, the door was closed, close it behind you.

People are always watching you in the back.

If you are a man, do not forget to carefully brush your shoes, including heels.

Many men neglect these things.

When a woman is going to leave, she unconsciously directs the foot in the door, begins to pull up her clothes and hair to look decent, turning back to the owner of the office.

Approaching the door, turn around and smile.

Much better if people remember your smile, not your butt.


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