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Dress Code For Medreps (After These Doctor Won't Ignore You)

Dress code for medical representative both men and women. Tips for medreps for their costume.

Dress Code For Medreps
Dress Code For Medreps 

The company's dress code is a direct continuation of the corporate culture of the firm and an important part of its's brand.

As the theater begins with a hanger, and the customer's trust to the organization begins with trust in its employees, where appearance plays an important role in this.

But we must also not forget that the Dress code is not uniform and it does not exclude individuality in clothing and does not interfere with the creative attitude to their appearance.

It is only "laws of the genre" that exist in any kind of activity.

The medical representative also has a well-established way: respectable appearance, pleasant manners, perfectly competent, clear speech with no accent and words-parasites.

Although such qualities in a greater degree is achieved not by the garments but by the internal state of confidence and harmony, it is still necessary to pick out a suit for business or formal enough style that meets the dress code.

This means that your first work must be to create an image of the person like every company will be glad to see in it's employee.

Costume tips for India medical representative


Suit of a business man should be of her face and emphasize her qualifications.

A business suit include jacket with skirt or trousers and blouse. Business palette — various shades of blue, dark gray, brown, black, blue-green, olive, beige, light grey.

Such Suits are not recommended like green, yellow, red, turquoise.

For men it can be pants and a shirt with a vest or blazer, a nice sweater or turtleneck. Dark socks are also preferred.

How to make good impression on doctor


Common errors when there is no such dress code from your company: women have bright make-up, too dressy dresses, very short skirts, lace tights, shiny sandals, plenty of jewelry.

In men, the same sneakers, frayed jeans, stretched t-shirts.


Hair must be neat and in perfect condition.

Studies show that unpainted gray hair sharply reduces business ranking of women, unlike men, who have gray hair even adds respectability.

Makeup. Undesirable as too bright make-up, and its complete absence.

Manicure. Best color nail Polish – bright, French manicure.

The shape of the nails should be rounded, the maximum length is not more than 5 mm.

Jewelry allowed, but no frills.

As a rule, made to wear with no more than three jewelry, such as ear rings, ring and chain, brooch, ring, bracelet.


Shoes gives completeness to all appearance,So pay attention to it first of all.

Business style fit classic shoes with thin soles, with no eye-catching elements, of leather, preferably black or dark brown.  

The main thing in appearance - well groomed, sense of proportion, elegance and usefulness. 

Well-chosen business wardrobe, both female and male — will help its owner to make a favorable impression, emphasize his professionalism and personal qualities will be a faithful assistant in the career.


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