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25 Secret Plans For Medical Representative To Sell Their Medicines

25 secret plans for medical representatives to sell their medicines and products. It is a complete successful working action plan for med-raps. 

25 Secret Plans For Medical Representative To Sell Their Medicines
25 Secret Plans For Medical Representative To Sell Their Medicines

If they follow this method they can sell anything and can become a successful medical representative. This is the things that make a good medical representative. This action plan includes everything from researching, surveying and execution. It will also give you idea like how to impress doctor and convince him to prescribe your medicines and products and some cheating as well. But I consider it as business. Because at some point of time when you are unable to convince medical shop owners than you may have to deal like if they become agree to keep your products than you will give them few percent on overall sales of your medicines. So below I have shared everything that made me successful when it comes about completing target as medical representatives of my company. I completed all my targets and today I am independent from knocking door to door marketing. Now I manage my team and train them. So I am sharing my experience for you so that you can sell all of your medicines and complete your target and become a successful and rich medical representative. If you surely do all the below things that no one in the world can stop you from getting success in medical field. So think on the below mentioned pints and make your strategy and get success in your life.

Responsibilities of medical representative

How to get success working as medical representative

First make a list of hospitals in your surroundings.

Make a list of famous medicals in your surroundings.

Than classify your list according to area like which hospitals comes under the range of 2 k.m or 5 k.m.

Classify medicals according to above process.

Find connections like talk to your relatives and friends if they know someone. For example your uncle or father may know the owner of hospitals or owner of medical shops.

Ask for help from your relatives and friends for establishing first meeting.

Set a time table according to your list.

For example if 5 hospitals are in same area than approach those 5 hospitals first. This will save your time and fuel.

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Always carry your company's portfolio with you.

Find 10 extraordinary qualities of your product.

Find 10 difference between your and competitor's product.

First describe yourself than your company and than your product.

Practice at home before meeting to any doctor.

Try to speak in English.

Memorize everything in English that’s why you need to practice in English.

Wear dark colors in day time and light colors in evening.

How to make relationship with doctors

Keep some samples of your medicines and products in your bag because a doctor may demand.

Do not smoke before meeting to any doctor.

Always be happy and keep smile on your face.

Do not force any doctor and hospital's official in first meeting.

Approach to doctor 2 times in a week.

Make a deal with medical shops officials if they do not agree to keep your products like giving 5 percent on overall sales.

Tell medical shops owners that some of the famous doctors have prescribes their medicines.

Sometimes you may have to lie.

Always keep some gifts in your bag.

Sometimes giving gifts in first meeting with doctor really impress doctors.


  1. Never Lie! Never Bribe. Work hard leave the rest for the Almighty.

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  3. You don't have to lie in selling your products. The quality of being honest will best impress the doctors. Just be nice and genuine.

    1. There is a difference aggressive and normal marketing. Thats the difference between lie and normal one.

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