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How To Write A CV For Medical Representative Job

How to write a CV (curriculum vitae) for a medical representative job. Follow these and you will surely get an interview call for the medrep post.

How To Write A CV For Medical Representative Job
How To Write A CV For Medical Representative Job

A key responsibility of the Medical representative (MP) is the promotion of medicines, medical equipment or equipment of the company in which he works. The promotion comes at the expense of building effective and mutually beneficial communication of medical representatives with doctors, heads of departments, doctors, hospitals and healthcare institutions .For example, medical representatives involved in the sale of drugs, provide information to doctors about drugs, talk about their pharmacological properties, indications and contraindications.

Medical representatives work not only with physicians, but with pharmacists , conduct presentations, organize activities for pharmaceutical workers of the "first table", control the display of drugs, organize sales promotions in pharmacies.

The main goal of MP is to increase their company's sales.

(1)Summary objective/desired position

"A CV is the story of your career path, personal development, therefore it is very important to make it accurately, concisely, but at the same time not to miss the main thing. The main goal of medical representative is to increase their company's sales.
Remember that a good summary is not only the key to your success, but already "half step" to obtain the desired position, so the information about your past endeavors should be easy to understand, it is necessary to make a block of information when writing your CV: personal information (name, date of birth), education, work experience, additional information. Do not forget to specify the name of the vacancy (in the beginning of the resume and the cover letter)".


The position of medical representative requires candidates with higher medical or pharmaceutical education, but candidates with little knowledge of chemistry, biology and English are also considered now a days. Normally It depends on the drugs that need to be promoted. For example, to promote products through the hospital and the outpatient segment,the employer will give preference to the applicant with a medical education and for the promotion of medicines which do not require a prescription, They are more likely to hire a specialist with pharmaceutical education. In the competition for this position preference will be given to a candidate with specialized education (for example, to promote gynecological drugs — GYN, cardiology, cardiologist, and so on).But do not forget that the final decision of the employer when choosing a future employee is affected by the totality of all factors including previous experience, personal qualities and interest in working in this particular company. It's very important to know that how You show yourself on the job interview!

When writing summary or paragraphs about primary and secondary education, it is better to divide them and putting in the block "Education":

• the name of parent University (Academy);
• name of faculty and specialty;
• dates of entry and graduation.

And in the "Additional education" You should list internship, residency, receipt of additional specializations, courses, training etc. by the Way, sales training and promotion of medicines will always add extra points to the candidate, so never forget to mention.


Description of previous jobs should be reproduced in summary in reverse chronological order, i.e. starting with the last one. Must include the date (month, year of registration and dismissal), since employers pay attention to the frequency of transitions of candidates from one company to another, and logical/consistent career growth. Sales training and promotion of medicines will always add extra points to the candidate.

If you did not work in a company for a long time (for example, less than six months, or have not passed the probationary period), Than it is better  to specify the reason for dismissal/withdrawal in the same column. Describe all duties that you performed that were given to you with the list of achievements. When completing this section, you should focus on the functional responsibilities listed in the requirements for the desired vacancy.

Functional duties.

When listing the functional responsibilities,A medical representative must include:
• promoted drugs;
• the target audience;
• area of responsibility (city, district, County);
• reporting form.

Do not forget to include summary information about various activities in which you were directly involved (such as conducting pharmaceutical circles, presentations, participation in exhibitions, seminars, conferences)".


In this graph the employers want to see an increase in sales of promoted products in a percentage or numerical ratio. "If you start promoting the product with "zero" and brought sales to a certain level, if you are the only representative of the company in the city, please specify it, as by doing so you will help the recruiter to assess the level of your achievements.
MP must be active, moderately persistent, considerate, must have a dignified appearance and be able to inspire confidence.

If You currently hold the position of medical representative and want to move to the position of Area sales manager,Than You need to focus on facts which emphasize your energy, ambition, ability to achieve results. List additional specialization, courses taken, seminars, obtaining prizes and awards. Describe your successful experience with people, as patients and consumers."

(5)Personal qualities

MP must be able to inspire confidence, to be active, moderately persistent, considerate, must have a dignified appearance. Medical representative is the face of the company. The employer draws his attention to the ability of the candidate to competently speak, accessible and at the same time beautifully Express their thoughts. An applicant must demonstrate all of these qualities at the interview.

You can demonstrate your qualities when writing your CV such as performance, commitment, structuring, learning.

(6)In the last section, the summary should specify:

• driving licence , driving experience;
• availability of own car or bike.
• the level of knowledge of foreign languages like English.
• the level of use of PC (PC).

We wish you successful career development and achievement!


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